Gift vouchers and Tableware can be ordered and picked up in the restaurant free of charge. For that purpose no online ordering is required (payment at pick-up).

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Boury Boutique
Boury Boutique
Gift voucher free price (template 1)Gift voucher free price (template 1)€ 
Gift voucher free price (template 2)Gift voucher free price (template 2)€ 
Hand towel - Caspium by BouryHand towel - Caspium by Boury€ 24.00
3 pieces
Handtashaak - Handtashaak - "Table for 3"€ 16.00
Hang your bag- "Table for 3 - You, me and my bag"
Kitchen Towel - BouryKitchen Towel - Boury€ 21.00
3 pieces
Plaid Plaid "It's an honour to hug you"€ 39.00
Plaid - Fleece White
Plaid Plaid "My job is to hug you"€ 39.00
Plaid - Fleece Grey
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